Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 29 - Gathering

Today, the basic idea was to photograph a bouquet, of any kind. The best part of this assignment was taking a walk in the incredible weather. I had a plan... I would cut some flowers along the old rail bed on MLK, make a cool wildflower (read weed) bouquet.

So, I'm out in the fabulous weather, enjoying this amazing coolish spring we are having and I see some city employees in the distance, kind of near where I'm planning to cut "flowers". At first, I'm just hoping they won't give me a hard time, but as I get closer, I realized they had been working pretty hard and had DECIMATED the growth along the little canal that I had been planning to cut from! Everything was gone, at least at first that was what I thought.

It brought home the point made by Art Wolfe on Monday's class... take the picture TODAY, you never know what will be there tomorrow.

Luckily, I had taken a lot of pictures earlier this week (I have the ant bites to prove it), but what about today's assignment? As I looked closer, I realized there were still some "flowers" up along the edge of the fence. And so I started cutting.

I got home and laid out the flowers, and started snapping, before and after arranging. My favorite was a before picture.

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Artifice said...


Gorgeous bouquet and photo! I also love the bottlebrush photo!

Love, Linda